Catching Up With Jordan Gaza

Posted by BAFC on 29.01.13 14:39  

First of all thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule. You have a fight coming up with Katrina Catron out of Oklahoma which is set for February 1st 2013. I know you guys were suppose to knock heads some time last year but due to weight issues you were not able to make the fight.

Kathina is undefeated and has won all of her amateur fights by way of referee stoppage [striking]. Has this inspired you to work a bit more on your stand up rather than your ground game or do you still find yourself focusing on both equally.


For this fight I worked on everything. I don't believe in focusing on one thing unless I was fighting a high caliber striker or wrestler ect. I do not know too much about my opponent or care I just want to get out there and fight already!


Back to your amateur career, your first loss came by way or referee stoppage in the third round against Kristy Kester. In that third round you jumped on her while she was standing and as a result she slammed you down for the ground and pound finish. Before you got slammed to the canvas your opponent supported your weight for a bit - did you think to yourself that you might get slammed and braced yourself for it because ultimately the ground was where you wanted the fight?


I honestly do not remember anything after I stupidly jumped guard. I had a pretty bad concussion so I could not tell you what I was thinking.



How was your cardio on that fight considering your first fight only went one round and this fight up to the third. I have seen you around town and you workout pretty intensely. Whats your routine like as far as the disciplines you focus on? ie Jits, Boxing and so on.



My cardio for my second fight was pretty good! I am always changing my workout routines but I always stick with crossfit for conditioning as well as two 3mile runs a day. And of course my MMA, Boxing, Jiu-jitsu & wrestling training.


You have a pretty good sponsor located there in Corpus Christi through Rocks Supplements and Discounted Vitamins. How is your weight right now.

Right now I'm doing my weight cut.

After you first defeat you went on to defeat Christiana Lozano and Katheryn Davis earning a chance at a title fight with Jillian Lybarger. In that title fight Lybarger used her height advantage to keep you from getting the take downs you wanted. How has your camp help you overcome taller opponents.


The fight against Kathryn was a title fight and then I went to defend my title against Jillian and lost. I do not believe it was her height that made me lose. In that fight I had mentally defeated myself before the fight began, Jillian is an AWESOME all around fighter and I believe it was more her skill rather than height that stuffed my sloppy takedowns in that fight.



It's always helpful to visit other training camps as Tecia Torres who trains out of American Top Team, took time to visit Jessica Eyes in Ohio at Strong Style. SSFT was able to provide additional conditioning drills to help promote Torres' fight performance against Paige VanZant. It is reported that you will be visiting Paige VanZants training camp this weekend. It is reported that you plan to make a trip to visit VanZants camp - what are your expectations?



I travel a lot to train with different people, I've gone to Greg Jacksons quite a few times.. Jeff Currans to train with Felice Herrig.. I've trained with Miesha Tate..and just got back from Vegas training with Taylor Stratford at RYU. I never have expectations when I travel to train just go in there with an open mind!


Well that just about wraps it up, I wish you all the luck in the world in your next fight. Also, are you aware that you were voted hottest mma female on, you beat out some pretty good looking competition including Andy Nguyen. Think there a chance for you to be in the modeling field any time soon?

Possibly.. Right now I have MMA and school to worry about. One step at a time!


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