Jessica Eye vs Leslie Smith UFC 180 - Ear Exploded

Posted by BAFC on 15.11.14 20:41  

Jessica Eye does it again, but this time in spectacular fashion ... and by spectacular I mean "ear explosion" Goodness gracious! UFC 180 will definitely be the talk of MMA/UFC but uhmmm it wont be because of the main event between Velasquez and Werdum - bet your bottom dollar on that.

You can view the video below ... kind of reminds me of art class. Splatter art and with the over hand right that Jessica Landed is nothing short of art. By stoppage Jessica Eye defeated Leslie Smith. Not sure who up next but hopefully someone climbs in the cage and mops up the mess made.

Leslie is a true camper though ... no show of pain.


But also what is very entertaining is some of the incoming comments! Check them out below! Looks like we got some Evil Eye haters out there!






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