Carla Esparza and Joanna Jedrzejczyk 2 Round Wreck

Posted by BAFC on 15.03.15 14:06  

The UFC had its first ever title change fellas - sorry it was not Ronda Rousey vs Christina Cyborg ... it was Carla Esparza coming in with a 10-2 record against  an undefeated Joanna Jedrzejczyk 8 - 0.  The event took place in Dallas Texas and lasted 2 rounds with Jedrzejczyk winning via TKO!

Esparza has a strong background in wrestling but only managed to take Jedrzejczyk down to the mat one time - after that it was all over for Esparza as the game plan become more and more evident as the round continued! After a successful take-down in the first round an additional seven take-downs were stuffed out. Esparza was no match for Jedrzejczyk in the center of the cage and Jedrzejczyk not only made Esparza attempt to earn those take-downs but also made her pay for those attempts by delivering elbow strikes.

As the first round wore on you could tell Esparza gassed from all the failed take-down attempts and Jedrzejczyk became more and more relentless stalking the champion from cage panel to cage panel.

Esparza took the loss like a champ ... stating "I can't take anything from her, she was amazing tonight - I can't make any excuses, it wasn't my night - she fought a great fight and she earned it".

Damn right she did.

Rogan also interviewed Jedrzejczyk and she stated the following - "No one believed in my grappling. I am in the UFC. I am a complete grappler and striker. No one is going to take this belt from me."

Jedrzejczyk put on an impressive show - one that was similar to Joanne Calderwood vs Livia Von Plettenberg at Invicta FC 4. Jedrzejczyk stated that she was a complete striker and I really hope to agree because though her strikes were on point against an out matched Esparza - I think Calderwood would give Jedrzejczyk a run for her money in the standup department.

Jedrzejczyk had a 3 inch reach advantage and a 5 inch height advantage. The game plan couldn't have been more obvious - get Jedrzejczyk to the mat. However, I would have advised Esparza to stand with Jedrzejczyk just to prove - yes I will stand and bang with you, but only to take advantage of counter punches to set up a takedown - however, in this match - the game plan was made evident from the start with the level changes and faints even the commentators stated the obvious. This was a very hard fight to watch - it reminded me of Joanne Calderwood vs Livia Von Plettenberg at Invicta FC 8.

Esparza really seemed out of it - she defended her belt 5 times. All 5 times we seen a quick and crafty Esparza. Tonight was different for some reason. It was as though she knew she was going to lose. The first round gassed her out - she worked hard to execute take downs and to maintain a clinch and each time she failed - it took more and more out of her spirit. During the second round Esparza still couldn't manage to get any take downs - she took a barrage of punishment and with her back against the cage she collapsed in the arms of the ref as he called the end of the fight!




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