Paige Vanzant Makes Easy Work of Felice Herrig Hightlights

Posted by BAFC on 18.04.15 08:11  

NEWARK, N.J. – Paige VanZant went super saiyan when she met up with Felice Herrig UFC on FOX 15. There is a reason they call her 12 Gauge and I guess Herrig had to learn the hard way.

Things all seemed to go down hill for Herrig after a failed armbar attempt and later a clinch that turned in to a hip toss in to full guard. Herrig attempts another armbar and heel hook but doesn't work to her favor. The second round was a little of the same, a bit of clinch work, ground and pound, reversals and a failed armbar attempt from Herrig. The round would end with Vanzant making it rain and Herrig flat on her back. You would think by now, the third round that Herrig would develop a different game plan and avoid the clinch which ultimate ended with a hip toss, failed armbar attempts and coming up short on the ground and pound. Vanzant is aggressive on the ground and pound and has the awareness to not get caught up in a sloppy submission transition. NOPE, the third round starts, both fighters clinch and BOOM, hip toss, Herrig is on her back again with Vanzant surfing the midsection while delivering a ton of punishment. A mentally beaten and fatigued Herrig would end the round on her back with Vanzant unleashing a barrage of punches in an attempt for TKO. Had there been a few extra seconds on the clock - she may have gotten it.  Vanzant would go on to win unanimously (30-27, 30-26, 30-26).

A lot of people are still struggling to understand why White scheduled Vanzant & Herrig knowing that the winner will face off in a championship bout against Joanna Jedrzejcyk who recently dethroned Carla Esparza by TKO.  There are a number of straw-weights that make a lot more sense than Vanzant (not saying she doesn't deserve the shot) - for instance Claudia Gadelha (12 - 0)  who went undefeated before her controversial loss to Jedrzejczyk. After seeing the now Jedrzejczyk (9 - 0) performance against Esparza - I think Vanzant is going to have her work cut out for her. Jedrzejcyzk is undefeated, most wins coming by way of UNANIMOUS decision, while Kate Jackson quit mid fight. Vanzant had quite the trouble with Tecia Torres at Invicta 4 ... Jedrzejczyk might pose the same threat at standup to 12 Guage if she can't develop a game plan or in-game strategy to slow Jedrzejcyzk down.

You can't deny Vanzants cage tenacity and you can't take anything away from her accomplishments - as she shined during her UFC debut. Vanzant is the first female in the UFC straw-weight division to be sponsored by Reebok! The UFC is definitely looking to capitalize on what Vanzant/Herrig have to offer from a business perspective. The real question is - is it fair to jeopardize a persons career from a marketing standpoint. The fights people want to see should be enough to put cards together that actually make sense ... am I right or wrong? Vanzant is still evolving and Vanzant is well aware of the holes in her game and am quite she works day in and day out to fill them. A rematch between Tecia Torres and Paige Vanzant would be welcomed with open arms.

"My fight game is going to change completely between now and however many years I decide to do this,” VanZant said. "I just started, and athletically I haven’t peaked yet. I think that will show as people continue watching me fight. I’m just going to grow as an athlete; I’m going to get better technically and physically. I think that’s something we don’t see a lot out of the older competitors.” - Paige Vanzant

Sonnen suffered a loss to Silva and gained a title shot, Brock went (1-1) and got a title shot, James Toney came out of no where and fought Randy Couture and speaking of Couture he suffered a loss to Liddell and got a title shot. Well, there you have it ... marketing! Go figure. Paige it's your turn to shine!




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